Travelling Companions



What Follows, Leads


At your feet your soul pants for breath,

The view groans in fog but the silence is given heart.


Nothing is doleful, nothing is betrayed,

As the muzzle stows away between the palm of your hands.


A landscape fades away like the sound of distant bells;

Be it Peru or Jupiter, you are to him the only sentience.


That smile follows you like a love that asks for nothing;

The tail is a compass and it wags wherever you step.

And it won’t stop: even as the slums rise like a black dawn

Or as the homeless man emerges from his cocoon still a wingless insect.


No melancholy is allowed on that lupine face that knows no entropy,

Neither is self-stabbing compassion – only unbound love (and hunger).


Voyages Like Constellations


Let loose, let the chains slip, let the boats drift, O love O Beauty!

The first time I laid eyes on you I dipped my hand into the constellations

And robbed it of its swansong; the loving, crimson flames of dying stars.

I breathed its lusts into you and cursed you with its wanderlust.

We travel into athletic reality somehow ethereal, everything we see,

All the cities, their veins, the wildernesses and their shadows:

We see them, just as they see us, through a haze of love.

And let no man, or star, or howling wolf ever deny

That this is the greatest happiness of all

Perfect, written long ago in the

Constellations of our veins:

This travelling in love.



A Bee Stings A Baby


A bee stings a baby and then dies from the pain.

The baby cries in pain not knowing what death is.

So my friends appear to me

As I rest my head beyond loneliness.

I sting them and something in me dies,

They recoil and don’t know it.

There are more trains in this distant station

Than there are caffeinated eyes.

And for every train we have an opinion.

We are like the rebellious hands of clocks

Breaking off the eternal circuit.

Then a train shunts close to us,

Its boom regurgitates in our retinas

Our conjoined pasts and the memories

That light and afloat glisten within.

As the baby stops crying when embraced

And the bee lifeless adorns the white petal,

So we climb aboard the train

Feeling assuaged and breezily assured:

Later, soon, inevitably

We will have fun together

And all stings will fade into the mountain air

And only friendship will remain.



Because This New City Is Ours


The city sleeps like a whale

In the cradle of the horizon like a still ocean.

Love crawls over my hand.


The night lights come on like a storm,

And the transition is made at last into the nocturne.

Love crawls over my hand.


The twilight is full of silence yet still

Love goes ‘shh’ into my ears.


Never before had I known her this way,

Like a nun veiled in routine she appeared to me.

She was beauteous but distant even when near

But now that we travel in distant climes;

My God is it me or the rest of the world!


I call to the city and you answer.

I make a wish and you intercede.

I crave the night and you slip into twilight.

What are we trapped by?

No, is it because we want each other

Or because this new city is ours,

Perfect, we watch it like parents

Watching their sleeping infant…

Like parents, by happenstance, and we love because of this.


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