Maltese Traditions in Australia

Great to see Maltese traditions kept alive in Australia! This is the beauty of travel and diversity.

Miss Malta

10492211_553514988104940_8753635659190724697_nEarlier this year I was very fortunate to become a part of a new group MAYC (Maltese-Australians’ Youth Committee NSW) where 8 of us have taken the initiative to do something about the declining Maltese community here in Australia.

With this, we are working towards attending a convention held in Malta every 5 years called the Convention for Maltese Living Abroad which calls for all Maltese from around the world to meet in Malta. We are currently working on writing up a paper to present at this convention and address several issues that we as young Maltese-Australians’ face in today’s day and age. One of these issues is our Maltese Traditions…

I was born here in Australia, but raised to appreciate and be proud of my roots. My parents always spoke to me in Maltese and for that I am very grateful. Mum has always cooked traditional Maltese dishes…

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