War and Happiness



Jacques’ Wake


They throw Jacques into the wet ground,

His boyish body a frightful mound.

He had survived the quake

But the hurricane claimed him

In its wake;

Now the stars claim a new name

Immortality shall never tame.


They throw Jacques into the wet ground,

And the village echoes with that frightful sound

Of joy and dance, dance and joy

The family drinks and sings for its lost boy;

The nocturnal view fuels flame to the lie

That Haitians love to die.


And now the Western world prays aloud

That God does his fallen proud;

Let Him grant Jacques the aching sights

In life you would have him denied.





A school dies and a home for rape is declared…

A playground falls and land mines spread their reach…

Death moved rapidly in a country un-spared

But murderers can only practice what murderers preach.

A people crucified by the prevailing winds

Cutting through life like a knife through Jihad;

And yet the smiles of sinking children echo through the minds

Of those who idly watch the telenovela of good versus bad.

Besieged thousands cut down like a once proud forest,

Long beaches soaked in tears and blood

And yet those of us sheepishly watching fear to molest

Sacred, feminine protocols that should be thrown to the mud.



Elegy Imposed By Dreamers


Sufferers are the inhabitants of suffering’s domain,

The happiness they know exists is their sharpest pain.

When night dares raise the drums of war

Fate dares declare: there is nothing more.

The dying are sworn to die;

This is our age’s most comforting lie.

The peaceful are the inhabitants of peace’s domain,

Their idleness is the decree of the insane.


When you see ghostly children pulled from death

And the peaceful crave peace in the same breath

Do they not stand to realise the truth at their door:

That to make no war is to permit yet more war?




3 Comments Add yours

  1. cjwaterfield says:

    Sometimes we need to stop, look around, and realise just how big the world is.


    1. justinfenech says:

      And look honestly too. With rational, un-biased eyes.


  2. An affecting triptych … time to cleanse the doors of perception, methinks.

    Liked by 1 person

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