The Shadows of Paradise, New Novel Video Blog



It’s in the shadows of paradise where we are happiest;

            There alone death choreographs life’s wildest parties.



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  1. Fascinating … you have begun a worthwhile exercise in collective creativity. I wish you the very best in it. As to your initial plot poser, I would imagine that the injured partner might add to her (even his, if the boot was on the other foot, so to speak!) sense of personal betrayal a somewhat sisterly (brotherly, but maybe here it breaks down!) concern for the welfare of a barely formed and perhaps vulnerable consciousness. I look forward to your further bulletins from the literary front-line.

    May I cheekily invite your opinion on my own running ‘storyline’, a continuing spoof on an imaginary town called Bafflesby – you can enter that tag in WordPress Reader, but the latest outburst can be found on


    1. justinfenech says:

      Many thanks for your feedback and for staying tuned! I’ll be more than glad to reciprocate 🙂

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