The Shadows Of Paradise Vlog II

My second video blog about my ongoing novel The Shadows Of Paradise. Working hard on it, despite the depressing world news, and soldiering on – writing is the hardest thing anyone can do in the comfort world. I do encourage your feedback, after all, despite it all, the democratic process is still alive and strong! Right?



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  1. cjwaterfield says:

    A thrilling read so far I encourage you all to ask the author to let you read some pages 🙂

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  2. A finely-poised dilemma – if Celine is committed to the neutrality of science, wouldn’t she see a revenge affair as too dissimilar to Johnny’s affair to tell her anything useful about it? Or perhaps Johnny’s affair was a kind of revenge …

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    1. justinfenech says:

      She’s not exactly committed to the neutrality of science but rather sees it as her only source of answers. Doesn’t mean she’ll find them. It’s like Saul Bellow’s novel Herzog, in which a philosophy professor fails to find answers in philosophy as his life crumbles around him.


      1. Is her own psyche the major subject of her study, perhaps?


      2. justinfenech says:

        It’s rather the reason why her Johnny would cheat on her, asking, was it him or his instincts that led him to it?

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      3. Do you have an answer to that yourself or are you exploring it through her eyes?


      4. justinfenech says:

        The novelist can only pose the question, the answer is in the hands of history 🙂


  3. Yes, nothing worse than a didactic novel, best to give a full picture to the reader and let him/her decide.


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