An Ascent Too Far

Flame Of Hearths, Flame Of Ravages

When the white hand dares raise a storm against the blind,

Somewhere the fire of the hearth burns kind.

And if the others are robbed of their life stories

The hands of the oppressors hold each other ever more tight;

See then that the oppressor and the oppressed shall never meet

Save in the embrace of whatever torture they may find.



The Fugue Of Extinction


Never again shall the unheard song

Defy our ideas of what is right and wrong.

A song goes extinct in an unknown wilderness

And a voice is forever silenced into anonymous stillness.

But don’t go parading through the procession!

In your uniform of self-aggrandizing obsession –

For each voice lost in the airs of the human fugue

Is a voice more your prayers will never exhume.

And as you revel in the death of so many

You will find death’s nature blindingly uncanny.



The Legions Of The Domesticated


Wherever a city sinks into violet dawn

There a truth hangs in the unwatched skies.

No one looks and no one sees – you see! –

And there will come a time

Where there will be nothing to see!

In and out of our pens we creep

Feed us – shoot us – sex us up!

We the mooing amnesiacs!

Let’s go back to the policeman that minds us

And beg him beat us into shape, into tameness,

Anything goes, Mr. Policeman God, so long as you make us

Into animals without memory of our embryonic sties.

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