Zorba The Perfect Novel

Feeling nostalgic… time to reread this most perfect of novels.

The Champagne Epicurean

One of literary history’s most under-appreciated work of art, written by a Greek nomad who couldn’t get farther away from Greece if he had emigrated to Saturn. Nikos Kazantzakis was a Nietzschean, a Buddhist, an adventurer, writer of the beautifully profane The Last Temptation of Christ. In Zorba the Greek he has written an Epicurean masterpiece.

Novels are unique art forms. They use the infinite malleability of words to create something that doesn’t exist in order to bring to life something real and true. Novels are the most long-winded path towards veracity. That is why we weep for Anna Karenina or loathe Captain Ahab or cannot stomach Raskolnikov. Few novels are so bereft of action and drama and yet so full of life as Zorba the Greek.

Zorba the Greek is the perfect novel because it makes you want to stop reading it! It makes you want to…

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