Silhouettes on the Sea

On Sea


The word hovers in the lilting air

It sucks in all meaning into itself.

Ravenous, greedy, a vacuum crunching up all life

All so it can devour all meaning.

To cannibalise it, for meaning is also a word,

And strip away that universe of connotation

Until all something is rendered nothing.

The sea, the sea, the sea – nothing.


The Heaviness of Swimming


I swim in three weightless dimensions

Hidden away from life’s high definition

And I feel my bones erupting the lightness of wings.


The waving sea-urchins, the stalking crab

And the jellyfish with arms like fireworks,

They live a history free of heaviness.


Heavy purpose that drowns

Heavy love that floods

Heavy health that hides in silent tides.


But I swim, and I swim – I swim!

And it doesn’t matter,

I am a reflection and up above,

In the sun-lined kingdom

There walks the myth of the real I.


Tides of Obsession


Don’t be obsessed by love

The way a dog is obsessed by meat

And the guitar is obsessed by sadness.


Be obsessed by love

The way the sea is obsessed by the tide

And the wind is obsessed by the breeze.


The lightness of coming and going

Just swaying, being – don’t fall in love

Be the pulse of love,

Be its tide,

Be its breeze

Come and go



And sadness

Sing no matter what

The way the sea sings

When it storms

And when it sleeps.

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