Seventeen Summer Haikus


A painting that’s green
An embrace of golden arms
What a day to swim.


Forts without colour
A sky undressed by summer
Hues of life and death.


At the funeral
An insect lies with the worms
And the slum lives on.


Time after time now
I have asked why lesbians love
The child stayed silent.


Take aim at the sea
Part its wings like a sparrow
Life’s poorest riches.


Sick, sick, sick, sick, sick
Man in his cities and caves
The sun knows no greed.


Summer almost white
The sea a deep earthen gold
Beer and deathlessness.


Breeze in the darkness
Dreams floating almost like waves
The siesta hour.


Fields of galaxies
Cities of bright nebulae
Hometown happiness.


An old house lived-in
Age has turned it upside-down
Barbecue in hell.


Boat full of olives
In waters nobody owns
Death’s journey begins.


Dusk begins to dawn
Ghostly moon and dying sun
Let the nightfall come.


Bombs fall and heads go low
A typhoon of steel blows hard
Autumn’s first salvo.


Four eyes like starlight
Groaning in coiled ecstasy
Seasons come and go.

At the gate time awaits
The puberty of the rose
All the world’s a field.


Where the sun alights
Basil sings deep violet tunes
Cellos of mint green.


Flying through shy mist
Gliding over rocky clouds
Swim in two currents.

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