Memories of Icarus




The Sun, the Sun


The sun, the sun, it flashes oceans of light

Its radiance a halo around the earth,

A god above gods, breather of days

Conqueror of night’s vain silence!

The men of horizons, women of towers,

Children abused by vertigo, all and everyone

Jealously worship the divine fingers

Outstretched over our stolen kingdoms.

Yet I dare look away – I, like the sea,

Look into the blue, where waves nap and dream,

I revere the calmness of everything

Because I fear the fires of false beatitudes.




A Handful of Nymphs


A handful of nymphs weep at the cave’s mouth.

A darkness tunnels its way into their azure eyes.

They can neither leave the cave

Nor return to its ribbed innards.

Their beauty that once drove men mad

Is now broken and exiled like shattered diamonds.

They weep for their fathers

They weep for their mothers

Tears that dam the rivers and streams of joy

Tears a child’s spirit should never be stung by.

And yet, the fathers are deaf,

The mothers blind – the nymphs weep on.




There Are Roses in the Garden of Adonis


There are roses in the garden of Adonis

And wine in the palace of Dionysus.

Some men are born to die for a rose

Others live for the sting of wine.

For these men the gates of Elysium proudly part,

For these men daffodils crown the crimson horizon.

Where have these men gone?

To what hellish myth have they been banished?

Have they been damned by their ambition-worshipping offspring

The way the Olympians overthrew the Titans?

For whose eyes do the roses now bloom

And in whose veins does the wine sing?




In the Waves’ Embrace


In the waves’ embrace

Daphnis kisses Chloe

And the gods roar!

Under the gaze of youthful clouds

Daphnis kisses Chloe

And the gods embrace the heavens!

Where the cosmos blossoms

Daphnis kisses Chloe

And the gods sing!

When the day dawns

On which Daphnis kissing Chloe

Is no longer enough for the gods

The way will be set

For Icarus to fly

Into the sun.

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