Dreams of a Wayfarer



I Walk in the Shadows


I walk in the shadows

And the shadows follow.

The moon lights the sand ablaze

And I feel the life of dying days.

As the lyre of Orpheus conquered hell

So the shadows revolt against midnight’s swell,

I take sides then change again

Swaying like air between the now and then.

Names beyond the cobwebs of the sea

Rage war on all my loves and destinies;

Just as Paris soars and concrete thaws

I dare to make islands of all my flaws.

The shadows permit only a strangled view

Of the world and all it can do,

But in this sphere of obscured vision

I fight against the night of dreamless remission.



In My Heart I Carry a God


In my heart I carry a god un-named,

He is no Olympian, but sallow, hoarse and maimed.

His feet echo like a mountain’s call

Dragging me into flight as I try to stand tall.

At night he sings of rivers light as wings

Whilst at dawn he dreams of fleets cruising

Into nameless oceans bordered by thin sand,

Sailing towards gourds of wine held by tanned hands.

Why do I call him a god, not a demon or a curse?

For in goodness he is weak and evil far worse!

He neither creates nor destroys,

Never divines but always toys.

He toys with my sedentary life and says aloud:

“Divinity lies not in the flesh so proud

And gods do not abide in man’s cocooned soul;

They reside in the unfounded temples nature extols.

There are nymphs by the riverbanks, sirens in the waves,

There are vistas so unearthly that all the gods crave.

Lay your human soul into my numinous trust,

For I am no god but divinity’s voice: I am wanderlust.”



The Naked Landscape


The naked landscape falls on me like a war.

My prison is closed by mountains that soar;

Memories are my beastly heirs,

Hope lies everywhere in a labyrinth of snares.

I crave therefore I am mortal

I am mortal therefore I crave the immortal.

My fate is like Prometheus’ in its cruelty

But I suffer from an added insanity:

My one transgression, to desire

That which I already own, and nothing higher.



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