Waters of Memory


Waters of Memory


In the fields that spread before us

Lies shyly hidden the waters of Mnemosyne.


Like lovers reunited after ash-cloud wars

We set off journeying to the waters.


Through titanic clouds and spikenard winds

We travel the fields of manifold lives.


When we arrive we will let lay on our tongues

The waters that silence the night of the mind.


As we drink, the borders to paradise will fade

And we may migrate back and forth

Over the horizons of Elysium;

Not as gods, not as heroes,

But as two souls unforgettably conjoined.



Pallas Athena


In her youth, Athena took on the name

Of her sister Pallas, when she mistakenly killed her.

Pallas Athena, born screaming and crying,

Was patroness of wisdom and heroes

Bound to love by the fragile bonds of grief.


As you take my name on the morrow

Pallas Athena will watch over you in lilac envy.

For your new name, writ in nature’s roar,

Will bound you to love and the threads of the Fates

By the immortal bonds of joy.



This Small Flame


A small flame cackles

In the palm of my hands.

I hold it like a wounded dove.

I feel I am being watched:

By a crow, a bull, an oak.

The flame glowers icy blue

Like clouds illuminated

By split-second thunder,

I wait for the flames

To rain Pandoran tears

Or sweat out humid

Waters of Mnemosyne.

At times the flame

Prick like cacti blades.

A thousand arachnids

With threads

That bite and burn.

Only when the hands

Of Forgetfulness

Come to rest upon me

Does the flame pupate

Into a small mountain;

Peaks peep through

And snows glisten sharp.

The flame now feels

Of delicate softness’s

And now I know

What it is I have stolen;

The migrating flame of hope.

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  1. I like story poems and these are fine examples.


  2. Jack Eason says:

    Reblogged this on Have We Had Help? and commented:
    From Justin in sunny Malta 😉


    1. justinfenech says:

      Many thanks Jack!


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