Poems for the Quiet Hours

Lights on the Horizon


When the air is heavy with change

Keep the horizon in the corner of your eye.


When love breaks and tears you in two

Keep the horizon in the corner of your eye.


When plans are re-designed in failure’s image

Keep the horizon in the corner of your eye.


Even in the sickest darkness

The horizon is full of lights;

Boats, cities, stars and moonlight.

In the lights flickering

Among the blackened waves,

Go ahead and lay your dreams.



City of Living


Life pulses by

Like a demented city.

Getting older by the hour

In an orgy of traffic.

Losing faith in love

Under crowded traffic lights.

Having Fate thrust upon you

As offices vomit humanity.

For the sake of sanity:

Turn to stealing.

Steal from the city of life

An hour of slowness.

Steal a poem in a park;

Steal a drink in a lonely bar;

Steal a wave from the shore;

Steal a glimpse of Venus at dusk.

There is poetry in the city,

It belongs to us thieves.



Underneath Your Mark


Underneath your mask

I can see the faint light

Of an otherworldly sunrise.


Underneath your mask

Lie hidden a thousand landscapes

Desperate to bloom.


Underneath your mask

I can hear a pitch-perfect poem

Simply starving for light!


The mask was carved

By love’s trim fingertips.

But have you ever seen

What happens to love

When it grows old?

Love wrinkles and rots

Like sisters and stars

And everything else.


You keep your mask on

Out of respect

For a once-upon-a-time love.

But each hour your age

The light underneath

Grows weaker and wilts.


Tattoo the word R E B E L

On the knuckles

Of your right hand

And slide off the mask.

Respectfully put it aside

And let light burst forth.




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