Top 8 Quotes From Beauty and Freedom

It is every novelist’s wet-dream to have his characters take control of a story and watches them helplessly running away with it. That is what happened with me with the characters of Beauty and Freedom – a literary novel about star-crossed lovers set in Budapest.


Christopher and Cassandra, the novel’s only two characters, have an affair that lasts a few days in Budapest. During these days, the two share a connection they’ve never known anything like in their lives. Though being complete strangers they instantly need each other and share their innermost troubles, joys and ambitions.


This novel was a joy to write. Christopher and Cassandra ran riot on the page. They wouldn’t let my plans for them interfere with their needs. They were hungry for freedom and their freedom took them away even from me. I always meant for them to be free (hence Beauty and Freedom) but not this much. And yet, like a proud parent seeing his children fly the nest: I couldn’t be happier.


And now, even with the novel over, their story ended – they are still taking over. Now, the cheeky, spoiled children – they want more. Not just one more story. But two! But I’ve never done anything like this before – a trilogy, me? Oh but I have no choice. They demand their story rolls on; the tide hasn’t yet gone out. They still frolic at my feet.


So, as I began planning the first sequel, Beauty and Madness, I look back at the story that gave birth to these characters. I look back on my favourite quotes from the novel drenched in freedom, in sadness and rebellion; a novel full of happiness’ failures and radiant successes. So here are, in no particular order, my favourite quotes from Beauty and Freedom.


Keep watching this space, a lot of exciting things will be happening. I will be publishing Beauty and Freedom, for you. And Beauty and Madness will soon be fleshed out.


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