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Magnetic Midnight:

“Magnetic Midnight depicts an authentic picture of the very real, incredibly heartbreaking start-to-finish relationship of Ava and Vincent—characters that come to life in an almost melodious tapestry of prose.”

My Noon, My Midnight:
“An intriguing book written very forcefully. It is about two young people – one in Nicaragua and in Malta, who eventually coincide, form a relationship, and move to Nicaragua to eke out a living.”
The Pale Dove:
“In the exotic setting of Malta a grade 8 teacher Gerald Hudson finds himself increasingly involved in a wild romance with one of his students Livia Schubert,14 years old.”


The Last Adolescence:
“This book grabbed me from the first paragraph. The inner monologue and vivid descriptions pulled me across the globe with the narrator. ”

Too Many Sparrows In Zaragoza:
“This book provides a splendid insight into the deepest desires and limits of the human imagination, and takes the reader on a philosophical and inter-personal journey through love, sex, religion, humanism, history, food and drink and plenty more.”